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Host a Class

  Whether you're a new bar opening in the hottest part of town, or an established restaurant training a new fleet of servers, hosting a TiPS class is the easiest way to get your crew up-to-date on all of the latest serving rules in Colorado.


Reach out directly to to get your session scheduled today.

  • 10 Person Minimum                                              (or financial equivalent at the discounted rate)

    • 1 to 10 people: $400 flat rate

    • 10 people or more: $40 per person

  • 3 hours per session, all materials provided

  • Deeper discounts available for large groups (30+) in a single session AND/OR hosting classes 4+ times per year.

  • $50 per person walk-in rate, all classes open to the public.  Closed classes carry no discount.

Travel Reimbursement

  • Applicable for travel 1+ hour outside of the Denver metro area, this can include:

    • Fuel Charge; for automobile travel over 150 miles round trip in a single day will be based on current fuel costs, based on true receipts

    • Lodging; for distances greater than 100mi in one direction via ground or air, minimum one night stay per session taught depending on distance, based on true receipts

    • Flights; based on true receipts

  • Miscellaneous fees, parking, tolls, or any minor fees incurred, in full based on true receipts

  • All subject to change per current costs at the discretion of the Master Trainer for any real costs not included in the Training Fees.

Independent Refresh/Review Course

  • 90 minute review of Key Liability Issues & Documentation, ID technique, and "Stings”

  • $250 flat rate, up to 50 attendees

  • This is NOT a certification or re-certification.

  • Contact Trainer directly to schedule:


"The most professional educational program we have access to."

– Bobby Stuckey, Owner, Frasca Food and Wine, Boulder, CO

"Jon Balliet is a true expert on his subject matter and understands the value of properly reporting and recording incidents. As a Claims Adjuster, I know how important that is to show consistent practices as it can help you and your Insurance Company minimize exposure in legal proceedings. I highly recommend his class as a way to learn about the risks to you, your employees, & your business"

– Sarah Jennings, Insurance Claims Adjustor

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