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     Jon Balliet has over 23 years of experience in the service and retail liquor industry, and has trained over 38,000 individuals and 150+ Trainers nationwide. His status as a Master Trainer in the TIPs program allows him to not only teach TIPs, but to also Train the Trainer courses, empowering others with the skills to teach classes for their own staff and/or independently. In addition to his classroom experience, Jon has been qualified as a Professional Witness in multiple Criminal and Civil Legal Cases related to Liquor Liability.


  Jon's personal philosophy is to teach the TIPS program from the server's perspective, focusing on how to protect yourself and your liquor license.  He is a staunch advocate for Servers and Server Rights.


  Benefits of taking classes with Jon extend beyond simply acquiring knowledge. You also get:

  • FREE Consulting

  • FREE Professional Testimony

  • FREE Call Support with any issues related to your liquor license


  Jon has vast experience in proven case studies of both Violation Mitigation and significant penalty reductions for his clients.

  This website is an authorized re-seller of the TIPS Program /360Training and is maintained and run by Certified TIPS Master Trainer, Jon Balliet.

TIPS Master Trainer, B Jonathan Balliet
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