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Dear Valued Customer,
    I have severed all ties with the TIPs Program.  In complete transparency, this has been a decision coming for two full years and the partnership has become untenable. After 17 years and 41,000+ trained, I will no longer provide, nor can I recommend, their services. The new ownership simply can not deliver in any aspect, from delivery of materials to processing to records keeping.  Many of you have experienced these difficulties recently and for some time.  No more.
    I am immediately transitioning any and all clients to
ServSafe Alcohol.  ServSafe Alcohol is compliant with all of your requirements under State of Colorado laws and regulations.  The presentation is slightly different, but the same at it’s core. It is just a different brand that is approved for all your training needs and requirements.  ServSafe Alcohol is also owned and approved by the National Restaurant Association. I am also offering ServSafe Food Safety Manager classes, should you need them.
    You will still be given the same level of service I have always provided as your Instructor.  Everything stays the same including your pricing.  No changes in anything other than the Certificate will be from ServSafe Alcohol.
Moving Forward:
If you have any TIPs classes currently scheduled at your location, there is no need to do anything.  It will simply be transitioned to ServSafe Alcohol.  If you could just send me a quick email that you acknowledge the change.  The same applies to any individual registrants from the public, just show up to the class you registered for.
     2. If you feel the need to stay with TIPs, you may fulfill those needs via TIPs to find another instructor.  Please just let me know ASAP so I can get your class Cancelled on all platforms.
     3. Any and all Registrations for classes open to the public and all Communications should be directed to:

   I hope you join me in this change.  Your business and continued business is extremely important to me.

   Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at anytime. Or, you may contact VP of ServSafe Alcohol: Trevor Estelle,

- JB

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