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  • Can I attend any of the classes listed on the site?

    • Yes, you may attend any class that is still open for registration. The drop-in cost is $50 and is payable when you arrive.​ While registration is not mandatory, it is highly appreciated.

  • Can I take the online eTIPS course?​

  • How do I get proof that I am currently TIPS certified?​

    • I am only able to verify the records of students in classes I personally taught. If I taught your TIPS class, send your first and last name, employer at the time of training, and the location where your training took place and send it to I will locate your records and send confirmation of your status.

    • If I was NOT your instructor, you need to contact TIPS directly by calling 1-800-GET-TIPS (438-8477) or

  • How do I get a replacement TIPS card?

    • Within 90 days of taking your TIPS class, you can contact me directly at for a replacement card and/or spelling corrections.

    • More than 90 days out from your class, you will need to order your replacement card directly from TIPS at 1-800-GET-TIPS (438-8477) or

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